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The  Thriving  Model  Workshop  ™©

Evidence-based  therapeutic  strategies  to  build  a  
healthy  identity and  enrich  quality  of  life.

Attend  a  complimentary  introductory  presentation.  *
A powerful 14-week workshop that guides individuals to learn how to make choices that reinforce their strengths and overcome obstacles to help them build a healthy i
dentity and  thrive–enrich  the  quality  of  life  and  experience  life  fulfillment. A  parenting  workshop  is  offered  that  parallels  the  individual  model,  designed  to  help parents  learn  strategies  to  empower  their  children.


Information about the Workshop:

Facilitated by a Licensed Mental Health Professional A Certified Thriving Workshop facilitator presents Psychoeducation. Participants receive a therapeutic workbook which coincides with the psychoeducation presented. Participants work with the facilitator who guides them to implement evidence-based strategies. The workshop is offered in two formats:. Large Group Format (10 Participants or more); Small Group Format (Individuals, Families, Couples, Teams or Small Groups of 6). For More Information or to Register: Phone: 201-444-8110 or 201-389-3653, Email:

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