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The Thriving Model Workshop™©

Our workshops will begin in January 2024

Balance & Thrive Mental Health Counseling & Psychoeducation


January through April, 2024
April through June, 2024
August 12-16, 2024 

(One Week Intensive, Location TBA)

Workshop dates and times are on our website calendar. To find out additional dates and times, please contact our office.

Balance & Thrive Mental Health Counseling & Psychoeducation
 Balance & Thrive Mental Health Counseling & Psychoeducation
Evidence-based therapeutic strategies to build a healthy identity and enrich quality of life. Attend a complimentary introductory presentation.

A powerful 14-week workshop that guides individuals to learn how to make choices that reinforce their strengths and overcome obstacles to help them build a healthy identity and thrive - enrich the quality of life

and experience life fulfillment.

A parenting workshop is offered that parallels the individual model, designed to help parents learn strategies to empower their children. 


Facilitated by a Licensed Mental Health Professional

A Certified Thriving Workshop facilitator presents Psychoeducation.

Participants receive a therapeutic workbook which coincides with the psychoeducation presented. Participants work with the facilitator who guides them to implement evidence-based strategies.

The workshop is offered in two formats:.

Large Group Format (10 Participants or more); Small Group Format (Individuals, Families, Couples or Small homogeneous groups of 6)

A comprehensive understanding of identity development supported by psychoeducation from well-known sources.

A decision-making process and evidence-based strategies.

A model based on a metaphor to help amplify the understanding of the complexities and interrelatedness of the information you will learn about yourself (or your child).

Templates to gain awareness of who you are and to set consistent goals and implement specific strategies to achieve those goals based on the information provided in each session. 

Follow-up plan to continue to work on goals. 

 ©™ 2023 Thriving Model, Rose Celia Rosato, MA, LPC

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