Brief Interventions

Cognitive Behavior Therapy A 6-8-week workshop designed to introduce participants to cognitive behavior therapy: treat anxiety and depression, reduce negative thinking & obsessive thoughts, cope with medical illnesses, stop self -destructive behavior & increase motivation and resilience.

Eye Movement Integration™    

A brief neurolinguistics strategy used to treat anxiety, PTSD, fears and many other disorders. It uses eye movements to help the brain process intense emotions.

Raising Thriving Children *

A 12-week workshop designed to help parents understand identity development, assess their child’s functioning and learn 9 areas that need to be nurtured to help their child thrive.  Each week parents are guided to explore one area of their child in depth and work on strengthening that area.


A 4-week workshop which helps participants understand hypnosis and learn how to use it as an effective tool to relax or support a desired behavioral change.

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting **

A 7-week workshop designed to help parents begin to understand their children’s behavior and learn effective strategies to promote healthy communication and limit setting.

Thriving *

A 12-week workshop focused on an individual identity building model designed to help individuals understand how their identity developed, assess their functioning and learn 9 areas they need to nurture to help them thrive.  Each week individuals are guided to explore one area of themselves in depth and work on strengthening that area.


*Raising Thriving Children By Rose Celia Rosato, MA, LPC © 2016 ® 2017.

** By don Dinkmeyer, Sr.,  Gary D. Mckay & Don Dinkmeyer, Jr. © 2018 Step Publishers, LLC


All workshops are offered in both individual and group settings.

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