We now offer psychoeducational presentations to individuals and families

in the community, via telehealth and in person. Registration is required.

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Inner Voice Program

Let your inner voice be heard. We are accepting art & writing pieces which reflect inner emotions and thoughts.

Information about the Event & How to Submit:
- Pieces submitted will be displayed at a monthly networking meeting for professionals interested in mental health, hosted by Balance & Thrive. 
- Please do not put your name on the art or writing piece.
- Pre-registration for attendees until the morning of the event.

Contact: [email protected] or (201) 389-3653

Balance & Thrive reserves the right to choose which pieces to display. Any pieces which are discriminatory or offensive will not be exhibited.


Golden Club

May 02, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
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June 06, 2024, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
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Midland Park, 666 Godwin Ave Suite 200, Midland Park, NJ 07432, USA

Takes place on the 1st Thursday of every month.

About The Event:

The Golden Club is a cost-effective program which provides information and discussion based groups about valuable Mental Health issues & other resources specifically related to seniors ages 65 and older. It also offers an opportunity for seniors to socialize with like minded peers. 

Program Schedule

1st Thursday:   Mental Health Educational Empowerment Discussion Groups Led By Kelsey Bisson, LCSW, An Experienced Elder Care Psychotherapist. 

2nd Thursday:  Presentations & Discussion Groups Facilitated by Various Senior Resources in the Community.

 3rd Thursday: Private Viewing of Innervoice Submissions.

4th Thursday:  Optional Mental Health Empowerment Group with Kelsey Bisson.

Tea and Cookies Served !


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666 Godwin Avenue (200),
Midland Park, NJ 07432

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Please do not submit any Protected Health Information (PHI).

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