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Thrive During The Holidays

Banace & Thrive Mental Health Counseling & Psychotherapy
  1. Find time to be peaceful in a calm place. Be still and notice what is around you at least 10 minutes a day.

  2. Set Psychological Boundaries. Let other people’s negative mood be theirs not yours.

  3. Set limits on what you do. Don’t overdo anything. 

  4. Reframe negative thoughts. Negative thoughts vaporize energy.

  5. Think of one thing you are grateful for each day. Make it your background on your phone so it’s visible.

  6. Think about what gives you pleasure and try to do it.

  7. Give, expecting nothing in return.

  8. Sleep well, eat well, and take time to relax (even if you must schedule it).

  9. Relax your body. Feel the air go in your body and then feel your muscles release as you breathe out. Do this before each meal and before bedtime.

  10. Give to a charity or do service work. 

Rose Celia Rosato, MA, LPC


Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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