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Learning To Thrive:
Embracing Identity Development 

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Understanding identity is paramount before we learn about thriving. A solid identity is the base from which every individual thrives. A person with a solid identity understands the complexities of who he or she is, embraces those complexities and can tolerate the fluid nature of human existence and our continually evolving world. Once a person has this solid core, they can see the value and complexities in every living thing and feel a sense of connection to its uniqueness. Harmony and equality feel peaceful, natural, deeply satisfying, and meaningful.

We are each born with a unique DNA code which dictates some of our traits (eye color, hair color, appearance) that can be influenced minimally or not at all by our environment. Other DNA traits we are born with can be influenced by our environment and our understanding of these traits and what we choose to do with them (personality, predisposition to illness, sensitivity, emotional capacity, intelligence). From birth throughout our childhood our caretakers are primarily responsible for how our environment impacts these traits and how we understand them. For individuals who have the capacity for independent functioning, the older we grow, the more we are responsible to influence ourselves and our environment, to help our DNA work in our best interest so that we develop, thrive, and contribute to the world in a positive way.”

- The Thriving Model – © 2016 Rose Celia Rosato, MA,LPC

Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash

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