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Therapy for IndividualsCouples, & Families
Family Therapy Session


Healthy Lifestyle Skills

12-week workshop designed to help individuals maintain healthy lifestyle skills.  It helps individuals understand why they struggle with eliminating life style habits that are unhealthy and learn strategies to overcome them.  It also reinforces positive skill for healthy living and teach strategies to help develop new healthy living skills.


Learn Self Hypnosis

A 4-week workshop which helps participants understand hypnosis and learn how to use it as an effective tool to relax or support a desired behavior change.


Overcoming Writing Anxiety

A workshop which guides teachers identify and understand writing anxiety and develop strategies to help students overcome writing anxiety.


Raising Thriving Children

A 12-week workshop designed to help parents understand identity development, assess their child’s functioning and learn 9 area’s that need to be nurtured to help their child thrive.  Each week parents are guided to explore one area of their child in depth and work on strengthening that area.



A 12 week counseling workshop focused on an individual identity building model designed to help individuals understand how their identity developed, assess their functioning and learn 9 areas’ they need to nurture to help them thrive.  Each week individuals are guided to explore one area of themselves in depth and work on strengthening that area.





All workshops are offered in both individual and group settings.


Speak with Rose (201-444-8110) regarding other workshops available including custom designed workshops.