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Scheduled Presentations at Balance & Thrive Counseling & Psycho Education Center

All presentation require registration. Call Kathy or Rose ato 201-444-8110.

Monday October 16th, 2017 7:00 pm  - Understanding the College Process

            Written & Facilitated by Jennifer Basilone, MA, LPC

Monday November 6th, 2017, 7:00 pm - Understanding the College Process

            Written & Facilitated by Jennifer Basilone,MA, LPC

Monday November 13th, 2017 7:00 pm - Overcoming Writing Anxiety: Discussion & Solutions

             Written & Facilitated by Maryanne Seibert- Poris, MA


Presentation Descriptions

* Other presentations are available.  They can be presented at your school or facility. 

An Integrated Approach to Identity Development

Identifies how parents, medical professionals, educators and law enforcement personnel each impact the nine areas of identity development delineated in the Thriving Model

Nurturing Nature

A brief description of the importance of both nature and nurture to the developing self.  Neuroscience research which support specific ways parents can provide an “enriched environment” and encourage the development of positive patters to support their adolescent’s natural abilities which will enhance college and life success.   Practical parenting strategies, based on this research, will be discussed.

Overcoming Writing Anxiety for High School Students

Helps parents and teachers identify and understand writing anxiety and develop strategies to help students overcome writing anxiety. 

Overcoming Writing Anxiety for Professionals: Discussions and Solutions                                                     

This hour workshop will discuss the reality of anxiety, what it is, and how it can be used productively.  It will also address common reasons for writing anxiety and how one can overcome it and succeed. 

Raising Thriving Children

A parenting model which helps parents to understand identity development, assess their child’s functioning and learn the 9 areas that need to be nurtured to help their child thrive. Also, an introduction to the 12 week Raising Thriving Children’s Workshop.


An individual identity building model that helps the individual understand how their identity developed, assess their functioning and learn 9 areas that they need to nurture themselves to thrive.  Also, an introduction to the 12 week Thriving Workshop.

Understanding the College Process

Helps parents and educators make decisions to help them guide children to choose colleges that are most aligned with their developmental needs and abilities to optimize success and a positive college experience.

Understanding Adolescent Mental Health Treatment

Identifies different types of traditional therapy and provides guidelines to help find a qualified provider. It also outlines a framework meant to aid in the development and implementation of an effective treatment plan for adolescents.

Understanding and Managing Anxiety

Discusses the physiology of anxiety and the foundations for creating an enriched environment to reduce anxiety. Suggests concrete strategies.  

Understanding and Managing Anxiety in a Classroom Setting

Discusses the physiology of adolescent anxiety and the foundations for creating an enriched environment to reduce anxiety in a classroom setting.  Suggests concrete strategies.